“Internet Gap Puts Hartford’s North End Students Behind”

“Internet Gap Puts Hartford’s North End Students Behind”

This recent article from the Hartford Courant featured a mention of Board Chairman and President, Jessica Fowler. Connecticut as a whole is struggling with the lack of internet available to students, and as education moves more and more towards technology, students are noticing the “internet gap”.

“The education effect on these students is devastating. If Connecticut is going to close its infamous achievement gap, we need to ensure that affordable, high-speed broadband internet service is available in every home. Just as public schools have provided access to books for over a century regardless of the cost, we must provide the required digital resources for every student.

“Sharon Selectwoman Jessica Fowler is leading a group of rural towns looking for ways to build out broadband infrastructure to unserved rural areas. Dozens of other municipal leaders joined a municipal process looking for public-private partnerships to facilitate broadband development.”

Read the full article on the Hartford Courant’s website. 

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